International Manufacturing Forum for the Automotive Industry

Bogota, COLOMBIA | May 24-25, 2016


 MAY 25, 2016


10:10 : 10:40 am

Automotive SheetMetal Tooling Validation

Mr. Benjamin MORALESTechnical Account Manager, AutoForm Engineering México

The automotive industry shares a common goal to reduce new car development cycles to only 24 months. To help achieve such a drastic reduction in “Time-to-Market”, companies have focused on reducing tooling development time. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) provide excellent tools to validate CAD tooling design prior to machining to find out the optimal process parameters in order to reduce tryout time and optimization cycles. FEA allows the validation of: SpringBack Compensation strategy, Blank size, Blank holder force, Drawbead geometry, Addendum design, among others.

10:45 : 11:15 am

ÁLAVA INGENIEROS experiences in Developing Automotive Testing Laboratories

Mr. Jose M. RUIZBusiness Development Manager LATAM, Alava Ingenieros

The automotive industry growth in Colombia requires the development of the necessary technological infrastructure for the high degree of innovation that demands a highly competitive sector. A fundamental part of this infrastructure are the testing laboratories and test tracks in production plants, technological centers and universities.
The aim of this presentation is to show, through the Alava Ingenieros experience , how we help our clients developing centers and testing laboratories accompanying them during the different phases of the project, ensuring compliance with specifications, terms and budgets.


11:20 : 11:50 am

Trends in Automotive Industry Ergologistics – Combining Intralogistics and Ergonomics to Improve the Efficiency in the Automotive Industry

Mr. Andres LOAIZA ESPINOSA, Fronius International GmbH Wels

As short overview about new strategies in the automotive industry is mentioned, as well as the tendencies to contribute on reduction of global warming. Those imply considerations e.g. on changing lightweight designs, using new materials and trying alternative energy sources vs Otto petrol engine. As consequence, new challenges for joining materials are permanently appearing and demanding suitable technologies to satisfy productivity, efficiency and reliability. To meet the stringent demands of the automotive sector, we are constantly developing our processes to be even better – and offer innovative solutions which continue to push the physical and mechanical boundaries of welding technology. Some of them are briefly introduced, focusing on: / High welding speed / Weld seam appearance / Higher gap-bridging ability / Less rework / Reproducibility / Different materials / Data documentation and interconnection.

11:55 : 12:25 am

Ergologistics – Combining Intralogistics and Ergonomics to Improve the Efficiency in the Automotive Industry

Mr. Philipp HERMANN,  Vice President, Item America, LLC,  

Lean Production methods help to reduce lag time and streamline work processes. Learn how to combine ergonomic concepts in the workplace with intralogistics in your company to improve the efficiency in your production lines. 
























Mr. Benjamin MORALES, AutoForm Engineering México, Technical Account Manager

Benjamin Morales is Mechanical Engineer form University of Guadalajara and with a Master Degree in Mechatronics in Germany. He has worked for AutoForm since 10 years ago. His expertise in metal-mechanic industry is for 25 years, from which he has devoted 15 years to die design for electrical terminals, as well as automotive sheet metal forming validation. He has helped 15 companies in Mexico to implement a planning, design and process validation system for cold-, hot- and tube hydro-forming.



Mr. Jose M. RUIZ, ALAVA INGENIEROS, Business Development Manager LATAM

Electronic Engineer by the UPM Madrid, during his 30 years in the company has developed various positions as Division Manager, Quality Manager, and actually is the business development Manager for LATAM.


Mr. Philipp HERMANN, Item America, LLC, Vice President 

Philipp Herrmann, Vice President at item America LLC, began his career in Business Development at item Industrietechnik in Germany after earning his university diploma in Mechanical Engineering and Business Management.  Philipp works with his engaged team to define and coordinate new sales and marketing strategies to develop new markets and grow in existing markets. During his two years as the Vice President, Philipp Herrmann established multiple item locations, including four in Mexico, and is looking forward to much growth in the region.  


Mr. Andres Loaiza Espinosa, Fronius International GmbH Wels

Electronic Engineer UAO from Cali with superior studies in Austria about International Welding Engineer Degree and Guest Researcher & Doctoral Studies in Control Engineering.With 12 years of experience in the field of technology in welding in Fronius International, has had experience as an Application Engineer & System Support and he has 10 years as an Area Sales Manager Latin America - Division Perfect Welding.



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